Disney On Ice

Fitzgerald Petersen Communications was hired in the Spring of 2007 to promote the Colorado regional productions of Feld Entertainment, including Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, and Disney on Ice, and in the last year their stage show Disney Live and Monster Truck Jam. Show after show, from Princess Classics to Finding Nemo, we work hand in hand with every media outlet across the State to garner coverage for the most fabulous shows on ice and stage!

Fitzgerald Petersen is charged with not only promoting the shows while they are performing in Denver and Colorado Springs, but also build awareness for the show in advance of the engagement coming to town AND organizing PR events to gain community visibility. Fitzgerald Petersen is tasked with brainstorming creative event ideas that will not only connect Feld Entertainment and the specific shows with the community, but also encourages media attendance. Fitzgerald Petersen is responsible for the creation of the event and management of all logistics, partnerships and media coverage. Over the years, we have partnered with organizations like Make-A-Wish Foundation, Special Olympics, Emily Griffith Opportunity School, Children’s Hospital, Warren Village, Children’s Literacy Center, Senior Housing Options and Denver’s Children’s Foundation to bring the excitement of the show to children and adults who might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience such special and entertaining shows.

Coverage with lead performers for each show spans from every major media outlet in the market including all broadcast affiliates in Colorado Springs and Denver, radio stations across the State, print outlets like the Denver Post and Colorado Springs Gazette, Hispanic outlets like Univision, La Voz newspaper and KBNO radio, as well as family resources like Kids Pages and Colorado Parent. A highlight in our relationship with Feld Entertainment was when we planned and implemented the “Fifteen Ton Run” in which five Ringling elephants “trained” for the Denver Marathon and topped off the short run with an elephant brunch in front of school children, who learned all about the elephants eating habits and lifestyle from the Ringling Animal Trainers. The event not only garnered media attention from every media outlet in Denver, but ended up on the Today Show! Fitzgerald Petersen also invites media representatives in both markets to preview the engagements which connect the show to more than 200 media outlets in just one spectacular evening.

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